MMA Gyms In Portland OR : Training In the Summer Time!!! 

MMA Gyms In Portland OR

MMA Gyms In Portland OR : Training In the Summer Time!!!




Ayyyyy everyone talks about how great summer is. I love getting into my car and welding the steering wheel, which is essentially a wreath of flame, while the metal on the seatbelt licks my arm seductively like the sweet caress of a welding torch. There are plenty of MMA gyms in Portland OR. But man absenteeism is rampant in the summer time.



“Man, I think that I’ll probably take the whole summer off and just start training hard again when it starts getting colder out.”



Nah fam, that’s the wrong attitude. Let’s get one thing straight. Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai, and MMA is LIFE.



MMA gyms in Portland OR : Here’s how you roll up to class like a BOOS.


These Weird Tricks will Make your Summer Training Way Easier!


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Bring Water. What’s up with people not bringing water to class? You gotta have a BIG personal hydration station on deck. I mean, 2 liter with some ice in there. Matter of fact get a spritzer too. It’s really a game changer. Don’t come unprepared. It’s like Hot Yoga, only more badass…. and not,  ya know, a cult. 

Train with a lower rank: So, this doesn’t apply to White Belts, you guys are totally out of luck. But the same principle applies to you, white belts. Why are you guys always fighting everything to the DEATH LOL. But seriously, when you roll with lower belts you can feel everything out and just take it slower. Does hard comp rolling really make sense 100% of the time when it’s like 105 degrees out? Not every single time. Remember, drillers are oilers. WTF autocorrect DRILLERS A

Chill Out When You Need To:   We need to know when it’s time to call it. Yeah, get that roll. Push through. Persevere. Don’t give in to weakness and the feeling to give up. BUT USE COMMON SENSE ALSO. If you feel dizzy, get some fresh air and step out. Don’t wait till it’s too late and you overheat. We still get it in in the summer but we also take a lot of breaks too. 


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