MMA Training Portland OR

MMA Training Portland OR

MMA Training Portland OR


When people think of MMA Training in Portland OR, they often think of sweaty bros in “Tap-Out” T Shirts slugging it out in a makeshift ring and afterwards enjoying a good vape-pen cool-down session.

MMA Training Portland OR : BEST At Mata-Leao.

No matter your reasons for being interested in MMA Training in Portland OR, when you take our MMA/Jiu Jitsu/ Kickboxing Classes, you’re going to walk away with some new skills that will take you to wherever you want to go.

Here are 5 misconceptions people have about MMA Training:

  1. Women Lose Their Feminine Figure

Ladies, it’s not going to happen. If you take kickboxing or MMA classes here, it’s basically like a lot of other exercises that will slim you down and tone your body to accentuate the awesome features that you already have, not turn you into a square block of muscle that people mistake for Sylvester Stallone. Working out makes you hotter and feel better- that goes for anyone regardless of whatever they’ve got going on.


2) Injuries are Inevitable and Common 


Let’s be real- we don’t have you sign a waiver because it was perfectly safe. But you didn’t want to stay home and binge on Netflix, right? There’s always risk in any sport. Hell, life is full of risks. But MMA training is all about risk management and protecting your teammates and yourself. I’ve been to MMA gyms that don’t have this mentality and it’s abundantly clear how unsustainable and amateur these places are. To have two people brawling- swinging for the fences is just plain unsafe. So you WIILL learn how to fight and defend yourself, but in the context of a non-contact system that minimizes risk.

  1. It promotes violence

Kickboxing doesn’t promote violence. Yes, if you practice it competitively, it is a full-contact sport. But like other forms of martial arts, kickboxing actually promotes focus and discipline. Professional MMA fights may look violent, but keep in mind that these shows are designed for entertainment purposes.

  1. You have to be super fit

Nah. Who are these freakishly good looking super athletes that populate this mental fantasy gym of yours where they laugh at you when you walk though the door still smelling like Thanksgiving Dinner? Let me let you in on a secret. That doesn’t happen. Real people go to gyms, really awesome people that are going to be supportive of your decision to come train. Newsflash, literally everyone has insecurities! At Mata Leao, we all carry a designated amount of respect for ANYONE that comes to a class. That’s just honesty.

  1. It’s full of “sweaty men”

We have plenty of awesome people that come here that have all different gender identities and have amazing life stories. There are sweaty dudes here, but there are also plenty of sweaty women, fathers, mothers, kids, disabled people and LGBTQ community members that train here too OBVIOUSLY. Come on, it’s Portland. We keep an open mind and open hearts for people that are actively improving their lives. We’ll see you soon!


MMA Training Portland OR

MMA Training Portland OR

MMA Training Portland OR

MMA Training Portland OR



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