Omar Santiago – Black Belt

Prof.Omar SantiagoOmar Santiago started training martial arts in 1996 in Eugene, OR. After a year and a half of trying out various martial arts he was introduced to the beautiful life of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Jeet Kune Do, and Muay Thai Kickboxing. Training with Northwest Martial Arts he was shortly introduced to Wellington “Megaton” Diaz, a legend in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. He was then invited to Brazil to train with Royler Gracie at the legendary Gracie Humaita Academy in Rio de Janeiro. Since then Omar has been obsessed with the sport of BJJ and continues to travel to Brazil to train and compete in the “Mudials” Worlds of Jiu Jitsu and The Masters of Jiu Jitsu. In 2001, Omar moved to Portland, OR where he has been training and teaching BJJ and Mixed Martial Arts at numerous gyms ever since. When Omar is not traveling and competing in his beloved sport, he spends a lot of his time being a father, training and trying to introduce people of all ages into the beautiful life martial arts has to offer.

Matt Zorn – Black Belt

Badass Naturopathic Doctor. He will break you, then put you back together and also fix that other thing you had. :0D

Paul Greenbaum – Brown Belt

Jaycob Cooper – Muay Thai Coach

Jaycob Cooper is a native Oregonian, born and raised  in Portland. He is an Oregon State University Graduate that started training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in 2011. He since then has achieved his blue belt and continues to develop an increasing love and passion for the Martial Arts.  Since 2013 he has been training Muay Thai and continues to develop his knowledge of the “Art of Eight Limbs,”  having traveled to Thailand on numerous occasions to sharpen his skillsets from some of the best teachers in the world. Jaycob is currently an instructor of Muay Thai at Mata-Leao since 2016 and works as a Systems Analyst for Nike.  When hes not teaching, Jaycob competes regularly in submission wrestling tournaments and aspires to embody what it means to be a true mixed martial artist.

Jeremy Pires – Muay Thai Coach

Kate Long  –  Strength and Conditioning Coach

        I’m a NASM certified fitness enthusiast with a specialization in kettlebells who loves sharing my passion with others. I have been teaching group fitness for seven years and I have been personal training for three. Other than putting together strength and conditioning kettlebell workouts, I thoroughly enjoy HIIT training and powerlifting. I also love competitive relays, soccer, yoga and badminton, as well as any other physical activity that may challenge me and/or increase my knowledge of the fitness field and its current trends. I’m always seeking individuals who may want to lose weight, build muscle or simply maintain an injury free body so I can help them realize their goals both big and small. Together let’s build a happier, healthier, stronger version of you!




Haleigh van Putten  –  Strength and Conditioning Coach

Coach Haleigh

What’s up Warriors! Coach Haleigh here to galvanize your workout routine B-) I’ve spent most of my life training, playing sports, and learning about health and exercise science. After many years of sweating and grunting, sprinting and lifting, I’m bringing y’all my most invigorating workouts 😀 My passion lies in pumping up my teammates to become stronger, faster, more powerful, and better looking in our bathing suits 😉 Physical activity enriches my life in so many ways and being a part of such an amazing gym and get you work with warriors like yourself makes me squat jump for joy!! I like to spend the majority of my time practicing martial arts, endulging in my creativity and art, and geeking out in general.

For Halloween I want to be a dragon.

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