From someone who hasn’t done strength training before this work ouheathert is perfect because you don’t need the experience. You push yourself as hard as you can and in just two classes your already noticing your strength improving. The workouts are fast and fun, we motivate each other to push harder. Omar is a great teacher and makes sure we have correct form which is very important. I’m very excited to keep this training up and see more results…Rawr.

“These martial arts can be applied to lessons in life.  I found a place to call home and I’ll be here for year.”


“Love every minute of it!”


“I wanted a switch from trendy workout to something more serious.  Not only did I get that at Mata Leao, I also found a lifelong pursuit.”  Dawn Russel, Portland, OR



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” I kinda surfed around to a whole bunch of different academies around the Portland Metro area, and uhm… far none this has been the best experience I’ve ever had! “


Wow talk about the best experience iv ever had… world class jiu jitsu under the best black belt in Oregon Omar Santiago is the professor to train under to learn real Brazilian jiu jitsu techniques…..



“Yo siempre he reconocido la importancia de el ejercicio y entrenamiento como uno de los factores mas importantes para sentirse y lucir bien. Toda la vida he corrido, levantado pesas, y he practicado un sin numero de deportes. Con el Warrior Challenge de Mata Leao CS, he descubierto una nueva manera de ejercitarme que es divertida y diferente a todos los demas programas que he visto o utilizado. Lo que mas me ha cautivado es la variedad de los ejercicios y lo rapido que se ven y se sienten los resultados. Nuestro entrenador tiene la experiencia, creatividad y la paciencia para brindar una clase de calidad. El gimnasio y el equipo que utlizamos esta limpio y en buenas condiciones, lo que hace que la experiencia sea una agradable. Si te interesa ponerte en forma y duro como piedra, el Warrior Challenge es el programa que tu necesitas.” 



Hector Diaz

Graphic Designer

” If I fell off a cliff or a building, I know now that I could pull myself up and save myself! “


 Mata Leao’s conditioning class has reawakened my desire to work out in a group setting. I love everything about the class. While breaking a sweat, you’re surrounded by great music, great people and a fantastic instructor pushing you to your limit.Kate


” I like training at this gym cause there are NO MEATHEADS here, everyone is real friendly, everyone here trains real hard “


“it’s a great school, its got fantastic energy and vibe, good people to work with and great technique”


“Trained under the direct lineage of Helio Gracie, Mata-Leao’s instructors are not only knowledgeable and highly skilled but they are professional, supportive, and effective in their instruction of the purest form of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.”

 Darryl Coppedge
Elementary School Teacher

” Training muay thai… strength and conditioning… it just keeps my head on straight it keeps me focused. “


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” I really love coming here, everyone is really friendly”


I take jiu jitsu classes here & I love it. As a beginner who had never taken martial arts before I was nervous about starting, but I felt very welcomed & supported by the instructors & the other students.  The classes include all skill levels but are very technical–I’ve learned so much in only a few weeks!  I would recommend this place to other women who are curious about BJJ but are nervous about getting started.


             Amanda Burghard


” and another thing I enjoy about training here is also the camaraderie. you know, you really start to develop a community of people that you get to know “


After my week free trial there I was hooked, the other students are welcoming  and are there to help you learn, not the typical meat heads you’ll find at other gyms. The classes are small enough to have the instructor personally correct you or give you tips ,and the price is the best you will find in any school in Portland,  Omar the instructor/owner is always willing to work with people to help get them in to train. This is the perfect academy to meet your needs whether it be to compete, get in shape or learn how to defend yourself.  If your looking for a great place to train at look no further.

Alex McMahon

Elementary School Teacher

” Little did I know that I’d be coming here after the Free Trial for two and a half years and I love it man… I don’t want to stop. “


I love it here, this is a great place to train, I love martial arts and this is a great place to do that.


This is a fantastic school. If you ever dreamed of learning martial arts, especially Brazilian Jiu jitsu this is the place. It is rare when you find an instructor that is totally committed to helping the student progress, and Professor Omar Santiago, the head instructor is one of those rare finds.
Put in a year and it will change your life.

Paul Greenbaum


” I’ve been coming here for two years now i’ve been competing, I’ve competed two or three times so far and I plan on keep coming here for a long time.”


I recently moved to Portland and right away I set out to find a place to train Jiu Jitsu. With so many places to choose from the search seemed daunting. Eventually I wound up at Mata Leao and right away I knew it was the right place for me.

Travis Berger

” I really look forward on coming here on my days off, its a.. good chance for me to have some stress relief.  I’ve met a lot of new friends here…”


The Instruction here is.., Absolutely exeptional.  The group of guys that we have are great. “


I have been training at Mata Leao for a year and a half. The instruction is top notch and the head instructor (Omar Santiago) is truly dedicated to fighting arts. I train mostly BJJ and have fun every time I am on the mat. The other students are a great group of guys and girls who are there to learn technique and improve their skill. There are competition training classes that prepare us for local BJJ and grappling tournaments as well as regular classes that cover basic to more advanced techniques.


If you are looking for a great place to learn Muay Thai, Brazilian jiu jitsu in Portland, or do strength/conditioning training, Mata Leao is the place.

         Matt Zorn

Naturopathic MD

” The workouts are amazing! I push myself harder here than I ever would alone…”


Being new to BJJ, I was looking for a school that was focused on solid fundamentals. The head-instructor/owner Omar has not only developed a thorough curriculum for all belts but has set up a really positive environment to train. Everyone seems to be there to learn and have a good time.


The facilities are well laid out and clean. Although not a huge studio it has a changing area in the back with shower as well as a weight training/workout area. Omar has recently added brand new mats and increased the training area making it rarity that you bump into someone. I haven’t had any time for it but my monthly fee also includes Muay Thai boxing and fitness training (both look good).

There are probably bigger schools with more black belts and tons of different instructors but Omar does an outstanding job handling it all.

                   Chris Twitty

This is the strongest martial arts gym in Portland I have found. I have been doing martial arts for awhile and and have joined other martial arts gyms no other gym compares. Here is my experience:
-When I joined the contract was simple and easy to understand. At other gyms this was NOT the case, you deal with the owner Omar, not a outside company.
-At Mata Leao I have received 99% of my training from a black belt. This is the only multi discipline martial arts gym I have found in Portland that offers a consistent high level of training.
– In additional, the owner and instructor competes and wins so you know you are learning what works. For proof just visit the gym see the metals or look at the event results from a recent competition. This high level and quality of instruction was definitely not the case at other area martial arts gyms.
The training I received at ofter local MMA gyms looked and felt good at the time but now I realize how lacking in quality and money driven it was. I have never posted on anything before now, you should check this place out at least. 


                                   Bent Reed                                                                                

” Great Fun, Good Times, the instructors are great. The classes are really informative….”


“Its a great place to train, great people,great friends.”


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