Muay Thai Portland | Getting into the Clinch

Here’s the technique that I showed the other night in my Muay Thai Portland fundamentals class. In this video I demonstrate one of the handful of ways that I like to break the distance and put my oppnent into the clinch.

The clinch is one of my favorite positions in Muay Thai. It allows me to control my opponent as well as use my elbows and knees more effeciently. From my observations I feel that many people who train and fight in the stricking arts get too hung up with the

punching and kicking and forget that grappling while standing is a tremendous part of the game.

Here at Mata Leao Combat Sports Muay Thai Portland classes we focus tremendously in the clinch and all the aspects of its efficiency. I believe that to be a solid stand-up fighter one must be able to be comfortable in all the ranges, specifically if the guy grabs you.

In this particular technique I get into the clinch by blocking the hook. I use my arms to frame against the strike then alowing me to grab my opponent. The way I hold the frame is very important as it allows me to control my opponents arms drastically thus preventing him from utilizing any others strikes while breaking the gap. I actually make a slight mistake in the video by saying that i “pull” the oppponent into my clinch when in reality I “pull” myself into the clinch. As I always explain in my Muay Thai Portland classes that you should always rely on moving yourself versus moving the opponent.

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