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The Warrior Challenge is a group class incorporating circuit, plyometrics, kettlebell, Ginastica Natural, pilates, agility, and Olympic weight training. It is a progressive training course which constantly challenges your body in a fun and friendly environment. The high intensity work out uses mobility, stability, balance, agility, and strength conditioning with emphasis on proper technique. Our goal is to improve your overall fitness using every day movement.


We search all the farthest reaches on earth to come up with the WOD (workout of the day). Using yesterdays strong man techniques to todays trendy Cross training favorites, we make sure every class is as different as it is challenging. With each class we incorporate the COD (Challenge of the day), this is either a game or some physically demanding exercise sure to test your strength and conditioning on the daily. For those of us that don’t do martial arts or any other sports, the COD is sure to keep your body up to date with it’s peak performance.



Though you are allowed to work at your own pace… Our trainers are always there to push you, making sure you’re giving… Nothing But Your Best. Whether your the average outgoing soccer mom, the weekend couch potato or the hardcore cross fitting junkie, the Warrior Challange is sure to help you reach your goals.

At MLCS, we are a martial arts sports specific academy that surrounds its self around the ideals of team orientation and camaraderie. On the martial arts aspect of our school we are monumentally driven by competition, we love what we do and we strive to be our best. We compete to either prove to ourselves that we can accomplish what we strive for or discover what we have been lacking. This being the pinnacle of our ambitions in this undaunted crusade. In saying this, we bring this mentality and drive to every association involved in the academy, specifically our Strength Training Program.



In the beginning, our Strength and Conditioning program was designed and created for our athletes to help them develop their strength, endurance, and well mental preparedness for future competitions and or their everyday well being. Since we started this we have acquired many students that, while not enrolled in our martial arts program… still share the same drive to gain the Strength, Endurance, Well Mental Being and on top of that… all of the common benefits that come after training the way we do. The Functional Way.


Our group classes and training sessions are a great way to access 1-on-1 training with a personal trainer while being pushed by a team.  Classes presumably have around 6-12 students on the average. This allows the instructor to have valuable time to devote to any particular individual.  In the class you are constantly surrounded by seasoned classmates that are very knowledgeable with the exercises and very eager to help you gain the most out of your workout.  We all work together with the objective to accomplish our own personal goals while helping others.


What exactly goes on in the class?

The Warrior Challenge is an experience on like no other. Our training is based on Functional Strength Training.


What is Functional Strength Training?

toddropeAlthough, you can find many diverse and unique answers to this question. We have our own perception of it.  Basically, it is to incorporate a full spectrum of training designed to elicit the optimum adaptive response appropriate for the sport or activity being trained for.  From our stand point, it is to help us exceed in our specific sport of martial arts by reenforcing and strengthening  the several components of true athleticism:  Strength, Speed, and Agility – the perfect recipe for POWER.

At the same time, training our selves to manage our mental awareness and through our physical conditioning to build Endurance.  For the rest of us, it is simply to bring out the athlete in us once again, or for the first time ever.   Wether you’re throwing a ball, jumping over something, taking someone to the ground, or keeping up your opponent’s speed. Whatever your needs in athletics are, you need to do it hard and do it fast! While also being able to keep up with our next generation. Functional strength training aims at just that developing directed strength, speed and agility creating power in our movements.

The Warrior Challenge is a program that meets no boundaries or limits. Every class is different as it is challenging and does not meet any particular criterion. Its main objective is to incorporate dynamic exercises that generate athletic activities that involve posture, balance, stability and mobility. With these, we generate workouts that pertain to one key component or a blend. One day we might concentrate on strength, another day on agility and speed and so on . Whatever it may be, the class always delivers to everyone’s needs.



We begin every class with a dynamic warm up. Due to the intensity of our workouts, a dynamic preparation is essential to get us ready, far more beneficial than a series of passive and static stretches. Its is prime to be warm so that our joints can perform to their smoothest mobility and our flexibility can be at its peak.

After our warm up we follow up with the COD ( Challenge of the Day), this is either a game or some physically demanding exercise sure to test your strength and conditioning on the daily. Unlike the Work Out of the Day we like to use this as a system of measurement used to keep us in the loop about our present strengths and conditioning. We try real hard to think out of the box on this one, always looking and finding new challenges that are constantly exposing the real truths about our bodies real potentials. For those of us that don’t do martial arts or any other sports, the COD is sure to keep your body up to date with it’s peak performance.


Lastly, The infamous WOD ( Work Out of the Day ). This is the essence of our group training. Derived from a list of reputable and ingenious functional strength and conditioning programs from all over the world. The Work out of the Day is one many different types of functional exercise modules used to prepare us for the rigors of our sport and its movements. Or for many of us, it is simply used to make ourselves look good and feel good about our selves. With so many movements, mechanics, and power demanding aspects in our martial arts training we rely on Functional training to reach our goals.



Performance training through adult group classes is the key to our success. Through team work we have found higher success rates in both the individual’s performance as well as their attendance. A good portion of our workouts are our very own Team Based training modules where team work is needed to accomplish the workout. At Mata-Leao Combat Sports we are very team oriented. There’s something about the energy, synergy, excitement, enthusiasm, and creativity of getting a group of people working together to accomplish something.

The acronym of T-E-A-M stands for

Together Everyone Accomplishes More.

Besides the benefits of getting stronger, faster, and in shape as a group, the program also increases team bonding.

Our unique program includes instruction in movement training, injury reduction, linear and lateral agility development, explosive power development, proper weight training techniques, and functional strength training. Our athletes are closely supervised as the coach takes them through an intense 60 minute workout and attention is always paid to proper technique and safety.


Beginners are encouraged to work at a slower pace using less weight with a stronger focus on range of motion in order to acquire the proper techniques. The workout becomes progressively more challenging once basic techniques have been mastered. Smaller classes allow greater individual attention by the coach. Since every class is different the element of the challenge is always present.

In this program expect to gain

– Speed – acceleration, Deceleration, Linear and Lateral movement techniques, footwork

– Explosive Power – Olympic lifting, Plyometrics, Medicine bal

– Strength – Functional Approach through instruction, focus on Upper Body & Core

– Conditioning – Game Ready Preparation for all athletes and for those who want to train like athletes.

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