Askren Maia get Fight of the Night Money $$$

Askren Maia : “I became overconfident vs. Demian Maia in Round 3”

Wow! Talk about a rough night for Ben Askren! But some great consolation for Ben, even after taking that huge L… is taking home that big bonus money!


Askren Maia

So a couple things guys.

Obviously, the blogs are back. & I back. Trust me guys, I back. And tonight we are talking to Askren Maia.


For starters, this is a grapplers dream! It was such a good effort by Ben Askren. He resisted 5 submission attempts! He definitely looked decent on the feet for sure. But Maia proved how much of a high level Jiu Jitsu guy he is and clinched that sick sick win by submission.

I think this fight really exemplifies and separates the wrestlers from the people who are old school jiu jitsu dudes. I am 100% certain that there is not a BJJ black belt out there that was rooting for Askren over Maia. Disagree? DM me, I’m convinced that ya’ll don’t exist.


Especially hard to NOT root for Demian Maia. And even though Askren Maia bout clearly went south for Ben, he was still as humble as ever. Look, it’s hard to get back on the horse after that MEGA GNARLY KNOCKOUT by Jorge Masvidal. But ay, Ben did it anyway. And he did it with some class. Hats off to you Ben! and Congrats on the win Demian!









We bloggin’ about this fight stuff ya’ll


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