Best Muay Thai Gym Portland : Beating the Summer Blues

Best Muay Thai Gym Portland

Best Muay Thai Gym Portland: Beating the Summer Blues


First of all, we have coaches that go to Thailand to train with actual Thai Boxers on a regular basis. I am of course mainly talking about the illustrious Jacob “Spy” Cooper, who is an absolute G. Can we all just have a slow clap for this guy?


Honestly, you gotta give credit where credit is due. He’s almost a purple belt, and has been to Thailand multiple times on his own dime. Why am I highlighting this amazing student and coach?


I am doing it for two reasons. One, I stand behind the fact that we are the best Muay Thai gym in Portland because of dedicated coaches like Jacob that LIVE to TEACH and TRAIN. That passion, ¬†enthusiasm, and commitment to excellence is what is going to inspire you as a student to learn more and get excited about learning real Muay Thai. It’s #authenticaf.


So how does this tie into the concept of the Summer Blues? Great question. Allow me to explain: people usually FALL OFF HARD training in the Summer. It’s hot, people are doing stuff, and everyone is busy soaking up the sun. What happens though, is that people start to lose their #gainz and then the lazy day drinking blue belts start getting owned by that killer white belt that has been just hungry everyday. Don’t be that guy.

Try and remember what attracted you to Kickboxing or Jiu Jitsu to begin with. Was it the promise of a new start in life? Was it getting over a breakup? Was it trying to lose weight, make friends, or just learn some badass skills? Was it to learn to fight or self defense? These are all great reasons. But you need discipline to get better. Martial arts is all about repetition. Martial arts are a great way to develop yourself into a better person. But martial arts isn’t really what makes you a better person. You can be a great fighter and a terrible person. But the discipline is what contributes to your evolution into a better human being. Be like Jacob. Evolve. Train. And enjoy every minute of it.

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