Diaz Masvidal Controversial Stoppage

So, about that Diaz Masvidal Fight.

It’s understandable that people are upset. People were so hype on the BMF belt and for things to get cut short, obviously tensions are going to run high on behalf of the viewership.

I think in this new era of MMA where fans are more and more participants in the evolution of the sport through social media and their presence at the events… it’s time for the fans to behave more intelligently and less emotionally.

Oh, I’m overreacting? Wasn’t it last month that Jeremy Stephens got bombarded with trash and sodas after people were big mad that he got poked in the eye? Yes! We, you need to be better. And I mean a more intelligent fan.

It’s perfectly normal to be upset. But after that flash of disgust, anger, and other limbic regions of your brain settle down, it’s time to examine the facts.

The fact of the matter is.. is that this fight deserved to be stopped. Nate Diaz is so tough that of course he wanted to continue. He’s one of the toughest men on the planet. But guys, you know as well as I do that his eyebrow was literally torn off and falling down his face. What do you think was going to happen once he got two more rounds with Masvidal? Masvidal said that he was aiming for that eye. What? You don’t care? If he dies, he dies?


The other thing that I suspect people are mad about is the feeling that they were robbed. Now, why would people think that they were robbed if Jorge was clearly winning and dominating the previous three rounds? The answer is simple. Everyone who knows MMA and is a fan of Nate Diaz knows that Nate Diaz is a 4th and 5th round fighter. It’s like he doesn’t even wake up in the first round. He gets rocked and just endures like the insane badass that he is. He’s built for the distance. And so naturally all the Diaz fans wanted him to have that chance to pull of a W in the later rounds. We are all so disappointed because it’s rare to see two guys like this go at it and we wanted all 5 rounds.


With that being said, you have to let that go. Life is not fair guys and it was a good call. If you love the sport of MMA or are a martial artist, then you will understand that it was the right call. Who cares about Tyson Fury’s eyes, MMA is not boxing. It was the right call.


What else could you expect from a BMF belt but some guys eyebrow getting torn off? Are you not entertained?

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  • Eric Jones

    November 4, 2019 at 2:30 am Reply

    100% agree. We saw 3 rounds of comprehensive abuse. The casual fans want to see one of them tap or go out, most fans could see the body shots and the facial trauma Nate took and 4 and 5 had every indication of more of that. Nate won’t quit but that was the worst beating Nate has received I. A long time.

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