Jiu Jitsu Resolution: 3 Reasons to Start Training!

Jiu Jitsu Resolution

Jiu Jitsu Resolution: 3 Reasons to Start Training In January!

Sometimes- and we all know this deep down- Holidays Absolutely Suck.



Before all of you go and get your Proverbial,  Generic-Holiday Themed Pitchforks to drive me out of Portland and write me off as a Grinch-like creature and a Scientology Lovin’ Pariah… Let’s briefly consider the facts.

  1. youareobligatedtospendmoneyyoudonthaveandmaxoutcreditcardsovertraditionsyoufeelconflictedaboutinthefirstplace.
  2. Santa Claus is an omniscient, magical creature that spies on children and judges their behaviors ALL YEAR AROUND. Hmmm. BTW, any reason why he just up and takes off in his Reindeer-Sleigh, forever the f%^& that-way? What about the houses IN the North Pole? Does he just douse presents on those most proximal homes on the way back?

Although that was highly tangential to my point, I know that we all have some holiday catharsis that we need to let out. Generally speaking, Holiday’s are a great time to mess up your diet, skip your workouts, and feel just more stressed for some reason.


That’s why Jiu Jitsu is the answer to all of your problems.


New Years is a Magical Time when you can wipe the slate clean. It always seems to creep up on us. But as a Jiu Jitsui that took a couple months off for a ridiculously messed up school schedule, I can tell you that getting back on the mats is a magical and wonderful time. In fact, it’s got me out of a funk and back on my A-Game in LIFE.


Here’s why you need to make Jiu Jitsu New Years Resolutions this year. 


You’ll feel better.

Physical and mental health improve dramatically in the first wek of starting Jiu Jitsu. Many of the people that I train with will tell you that they need Jiu Jitsu in their life as a form of therapy. Yes, it can be kind of rough on you physically. But the benefits gained far outweigh any negative aspects of beginning a Jiu Jitsu New Years Resolution


You’ll make new friends.

Social Media is not an adequate replacement for genuine social interactions. People need other people in their lives in order to be happy and well adjusted, just look at what happened to everyone in John Carpenter’s “The Thing”. That movie can really be seen as an apt metaphor for the untold horrors of a life spent without training Jiu Jitsu. But seriously, Mata Leao is renowned for having a great family of awesome people. Come join our team and stop being a quasi-hermit. You will like the new friends you have to meet, I promise.


You’ll have fun.

Rough scrapes and small bruises aside, it’s always amazing at how much fun this sport is. This is one of the only sports that is as physically engaging as it is mentally challenging. You will stay in the moment, and that is the only way to enjoy life. A Jiu Jitsu New Years Resolution is one of the best ways to maximize your fun and vitality in 2018!


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Jiu Jitsu Resolution

Jiu Jitsu Resolution

Jiu Jitsu Resolution

Jiu Jitsu Resolution

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