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Jiu Jitsu training near me

Industry Secrets That Make You a Pro : Jiu Jitsu Training Near Me


I gotta talk to you about something guys. This is a game-changer and it’s been running through my head all week. I had to write a blog about it because this podcast exposes some secrets about how the pros train.


Firas Zahabi is a top UFC trainer that has trained GSP, Jon Jones, Rory Macdonald, and others. His argument is that many people in the fight game are training wrong and his method of training is revolutionizing the sport.


Zahabi’s fundamental argument is that it’s BAD to train until you are sore. If you are so sore that you have to take a day off, then that’s taking away from your actual training time. He basically says that VOLUME> INTENSITY when it comes to working out. If you come to BJJ class 3x a week for 1.5 hours and go all out, whereas I am going to class or rolling 5 days a week at an hour mostly then that volume is going to make me a more competitive athlete, even if you are going harder during that time.


Smart Jiu Jitsu Training Near Me : Over time, these hours add up over the course of a year and the more off time that you are taking for recovery then that takes away from your time on the mat. So, don’t over do it and train for the long haul.


Also, his digression on the psychological component of this was important. Training should suck you in, it should be fun, fascinating, a celebration of your art and fitness. It should be compelling. If you over train and it’s just a gauntlet every time, people stay away and the amount of energy required to get to the gym is a lot of energy expended in and of itself. He cites the success of Russians and Cubans in wrestling and boxing respectively as far as their approach, and also mentions how Dan Gable destroyed his body way earlier on in his career due to overtraining. Smart Jiu Jitsu Training Near Me!


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