Kickboxing Training / Muay Thai Training

Kickboxing Training:

Kickboxing Training

Mata Leao Instructors doing what they do best.

Ah. Kickboxing Training… Somewhere between an 8 year old Thai children kicking down trees with their titanium shins,  or people at the YMCA that look like they are trying to renew a purpose in life.

Stephen Seagal VS Pink Spandex. Blood Sport VS modified Jazz-ercising… These are some of the misconceptions people have when they hear the term “kickboxing.”

So what is kickboxing/ Muay Thai at Mata Leao like exactly? What’s goes on at our kickboxing class? Are you Billy Blanks-ing it all the way, or are you going to have to hardcore spar the first night, like in Fight Club???

Here at Mata Leao, our instructors hear questions all the time from people walking in wanting to learn Kickboxing Training. This is a helpful list that I’ve assembled to answer these questions when first starting Kickboxing Training!

1.  Great news, You don’t have to fight people during kickboxing training:


Don’t be intimidated by what you’ve seen in the movies guys. Here at Mata Leao, our kickboxing instructors are trained to keep you safe and to provide only the top notch Muay Thai drilling that your hard-earned money can buy. We do this by providing you with equipment and instructions to safely learn the kickboxing techniques without putting you at any unreasonable risk. Pad-work, shadowboxing, cardio drills, combinations are all integral parts of the training and don’t involve squaring up with the 7 foot Slavic protagonist from Rocky IV.

2.Kickboxing Training isn’t that hard: 

Here at Mata Leao, our staff is comprised of trained professionals who have credentials and loads of experience. We are not going to make you kick trees OR punch bricks or anything intense. Don’t worry about whether or not you’re tough enough: you are. As long as you are able to put forth your best effort, we will be able to work with you and you will learn something that you can take away from the class. Guaranteed.

3. Kickboxing Training is a practical Martial Art. 

Mata Leao Kickboxing training is designed to teach you how to throw effective kicks and punches. It’s totally awesome! We’re not going to have you blindly following some 80’s themed weird workout where you are doing cardio-kickboxing and it’s totally useless. No. Just no. We have all the pads and gloves that you need to learn how to throw punches and kicks. And yes, it is a really good workout.

4. You’re gonna get hooked.


Kickboxing class is addicting!! I’ve seen it happen a million times. People come in for one class and start hitting the bags… Highly satisfying. Take it from me, you’re going to be feeling like John Claude Van Dam in NO time, guaranteed. 🙂 We’ll see you soon! For a free 30 day trial to try our kickboxing classes, visit








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