Megaton is Coming To Portland!!!


Jiu Jitsu Legend Megaton Teaching Workshop At Mata Leao Combat Sports.



Mata Leao is Proud to Host Intimate Workshop Planned for the 5th and 6th of November with Jiu Jitsu Powerhouse Wellington Megaton Dias

Megaton’s AWESOME Jiu Jitsu Workshop

Guys, listen up I have Important news for the Portland Jiu Jitsu Community! Wellington “Megaton” Dias is coming to Portland to teach a 2 day workshop at Mata Leao Combat Sports located at SE 12th and Stephens Street. This crucial Jiu-Jitsu workshop will take place on Saturday and Sunday November 5th and 6th from 12pm-3pm.

Everyone who cares about Jiu Jitsu should learn and understand about this living virtual legend. Let me put this in perspective. If you were an aspiring musician, would you EVER turn down a chance to have a session with 2-Pac or Jimi Hendrix? The answer is no. Think about how much of an impact that this workshop will have on you as a person and your path in Jiu Jitsu. This is guaranteed to be a transformational workshop and maybe even a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Megaton is going to talk about competition moves, competition strategies, and his KILLER takedowns. Megaton is also a National Judo Champion, so be on the lookout for personal tips on how to execute his MASSIVE ATOMIC BOMB THROWS as well. The video below shows just how down-to-earth and humble the champ is. We should all aspire to have this same mentality as Jiu-Jitsuis.


Megaton= Mega-Legit

Let me break it down for you. Megaton is the longest Jiu Jitsu competitor in the world. Wellington Dias is only human to ever compete in every single Mundiaos World Championship in the Adult Division.  Additionally, I will add that 5-6 years ago they started doing the Masters Worlds (which is open to 30yrs and above) and he’s won every one of the Featherweight Division and the Absolute Division. Megaton is the kind of person you want to learn training tips from.

Megaton’s daughter, Mckenzie Dern is the number one Jiu Jitsu Women’s Competitor in the world.

Drilling With Megaton

So, what’s going to be covered in this BOMB workshop at Mata Leao? For starters, competition strategies, Improving your GAME and other rock solid techniques that have won him championships. It’s the little things that you hope will rub off on you. Seriously, every month he’s at a IBJJF tournament.  Megaton is your new role-model. Megaton is a Champions of Champions. I’m not exaggerating. All the world champs know who he is and say they’re his hero.

The price for the intimate and fun workshop is the super-affordable:
$75 dollars for one day and $100 dollars for 2 days. That’s virtually nothing for what you are getting. These memories will last a lifetime and inspire you to be greater.


With that being said, we are very fortunate to have Wellington Dias take time out of his competition circuit to come train with us. Thank you for listening.




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