Megaton Jiu Jitsu… Killer Documentary!

Megaton Jiu Jitsu

Megaton Jiu Jitsu Documentary Gives Artistic Depiction of World Champion

Guys this is a seriously awesome documentary that gives you a special insiders look into the life of a Champion…


Here’s why this Megaton Jiu Jitsu documentary ruled!


The Documentary Achieved A Fine Balance Between Interview, Training Footage, and Creative Cinematography.


Let’s face it, deep down we are all kind of wondering how Megaton managed to have such an All-Star career. While this film doesn’t address this, for those who are thirsty for knowledge pertaining to the Gracie Lineage will not be disappointed.


McKenzie Dern was in it.


While Megaton randomly feeding a white horse through a chain link fence might be one of the most interesting bits of film footage I’ve seen in a while, any footage of Mckenzie is enough for most Jiu Jitsu guys to have a reason to watch.



We know you were badass Megaton, but OF COURSE you drive a sick Harley. Maybe even more badass is that coffee mug!


Soundtrack was dope.

I’m fond of saying that Jim Morrison was the biggest turd in rock and roll, but this synth enhanced electro-pop cover of “Riders of the Storm” was perfect as a soundtrack for the Megaton Jiu Jitsu doc.


Sick Landscapes

I gotta say that those shots of the desert in Arizona looked pretty sick. There were some cool shots of Phoenix as well that really captured the vibe of the city in early spring. Jealous you can’t train with Megaton in the desert? I am.


A Walk Down “The Hall Of The Fame”


A tour down his “hall of the fame” makes us feel very under accomplished (unless you are his adorable beagle mix dog who was non-plussed by the gauntlet of medallions Megaton has accrued).



Omar Santiago Helped Direct It…

Yes, you read that right. This Megaton Jiu Jitsu documentary that our very own Omar Santiago helped to direct while he was training in AZ with Megs. Great job Omar! Although he makes a brief cameo,Omar got busy picking out dank film shots and definitely took the documentary in a vibrant creative direction.




Our School is a Megaton Gym. 

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