NEW Megaton Jiu Jitsu Mini-Doc About Pan-Ams!!

Megaton Jiu Jitsu

5 Reasons Why this video documentary about the Megaton Jiu Jitsu Competition Team For Pan Am’s 2017 totally ruled:



 The Soundtrack was fantastic:

I’m not sure what the first song was. It sounds like the artist was influenced heavily influenced by Prince in the best way but with a techno/house inspired infusion. Siri couldn’t name the tunes for me so I don’t know how to find the artist, and it a way that’s to the film’s credit. The mini-doc’s overall theme was  to cram as much delicious eye candy into one 6 minute film about Megaton Jiu Jitsu as possible, and the soundtrack helped to accomplish this in a way that didn’t seem rushed.


There were HOT jiu-jitsu girls:


I’m not sure if you noticed, but there were extremely beautiful girls in this film. There’s something about Jiu Jitsu girls that really makes the world a more special place. Kudos to the director for getting as many shots of Mckenzie Dern as possible and also her friends so that we can develop internet crushes and also new ambitions to go to Pan Am’s next year.


Badass Cars:


I liked that the documentary had a road-trip feel to the first part. It was really special to see the journey and process as Megaton and Company sojourned to the BJJ Mecca in LA for Pan Am’s. I was slightly disappointed that we didn’t see Megaton riding on his motorcycle, but we did catch a glimpse of some badass cars. There was a tricked out Mustang with a slappin’ paint job that I would not mind driving. There was also a cop car for some reason, but I’m not so impressed? That beater of a VW van with the hand-painted squid on it was clearly the best of all the vehicles featured here.


It had amazing footage of Megaton rolling:


HOLY shit when he choked out the last guy and then does that cool pointing thing and then pats himself on the back… what a  CHAMPION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


It was headed up by the creative direction of Omar Santiago:


Yes, Omar Santiago from Mata Leao Combat Sports is at it again with his directing skills! This film was chock full of interesting and artistic shots that helped to develop a documentary that was super fun to watch. It was a highly visual film that was professionally edited and has so much stuff you definitely want to hit that replay button!




To Learn More About Megaton Jiu Jitsu, Click Here! 

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