Open Mat Jiu Jitsu Portland: 5 reasons to love it

Open Mat Jiu Jitsu Portland

Open Mat Jiu Jitsu Portland: Mata Leao Has A LEGIT Open Mat!!!


So the general thesis of this blog is to accelerate the skyrocketing hype-train of my favorite Gym in Portland: MATA LEAO. Part of this whole project is to keep ya’ll Jiu Jitsu folks IN THE KNOW about what we are doing every Sunday from 10 AM to 2 pm for Open Mat Jiu Jitsu Portland. Here’s the top five reasons why our open mat absolutely kicks ass and why you should come to open mat.

1)Our open mat has Kickboxing from 10 am Sunday to 12pm

Yes friends, our open mat has Kickboxing with our very own favorite kickboxing coach: Jacob Cooper. First thing that you need to know is that you need a mouth-guard and at least three months of experience before you can come to this. But hey, if you sign a waiver you can rock and roll and drill and spar. We are good at sparring, and respect our partners at Mata. If you go full Charlie Zelenoff and start going for knockouts we will probably rear naked choke you and send your ass home on the max line.  But if you’re chill, respectful, want to learn and want to get better at Kickboxing, we have all sorts of dope equipment. I learned this the hard way though. Bring a cup!

2) Open Mat Has All Sorts o’ cool folks from other gyms to roll Jits from 12pm -3 pm

Yeah, we get all sorts of cool people that show up from Impact, Alive, and other gyms that come to roll with us. This way, you’re getting exposure to styles from different schools and lineages. We are good hosts, and generally have a great time at our open mats with other Portland Jitsu peepz.

3) Open Mat Allows you to Practice Rolling For the whole time!

One of the best things about Sunday Open Mat Jiu Jitsu Portland at Mata Leao is that you can really build up your cardio by rolling the whole time. We just renovated, so it’s a dope place to roll. You can try out the stuff you’ve been learning all week, and then try to tap people from other gyms at our school!  Going to class is paramount, but open mat is the time to play.

4) Open Mat At Mata Leao Gives You Supernatural Abilities

One of the things that we don’t like to advertise (too much) is that people that come to our open mats consistently discover latent abilities that defy logic and physics. We’re not entirely certain why this is, but we have determined it to be true via double blind empirical studies. Some of the students that have come forward with this information have reported the following abilities and have been verified by staff:

  • Ability to see the future
  • Ability to sweep people from mount with their minds only
  • Ability to start fires with the mind (pyrokinesis)
  • Ability to execute the ezekiel choke while mounted while rolling no-gi every single time. 
  • Ability to shoot sparks out of the hands like Jubilee from X-men ( we make fun of this kid, LAAAME)
  • Ability to shoot laser like energy from the middle of the forehead
  • Ability to slow roll and not immediately amp up to level 500 as a white belt.


5) The best part of open mat is that you can come every week if you want. But we will straight up give you 30 days free so that you can rock with us 7 days a week FOR FREE!!! 

We think that if you like what you see at open mat and the people that go to our school: Well, hell, we like you too and wish you’d come back and train with us more. See ya soon guys!





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