UFC 210 Daniel Cormier Loses 1.2 Pounds In Minutes

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UFC 210 : Theories On Daniel Cormier Weight Loss Controversy


“Towel-Gate” it’s being hailed on the internet: Daniel Cormier weighed in at over 206 pounds at 10:57 am today and then after several minutes weighed right at 205. Although he claims that the weight loss was due to errors in the scale itself, internet conspiracy theorists have posited many wonderful and weird theories that we will review briefly here.

1) The Pooping Theory:

  1. We all have had those pooping experiences that left us *feeling* lighter. Perhaps Daniel’s drastic weight loss *in minutes* was because of him taking a giant dump before he weighed in again. Bravo Daniel. In other news, my writing career has taken an interesting turn.

2) The Towel-Grip Theory:

Perhaps the most plausible of this bizarre litany, we can clearly see Daniel gripping the towel as he gets on the scale a second time. Perhaps he’s using that to push up on the scale and to make his weight go down? The lip of the towel looks especially taut…

Cormier Weight Loss


3) Weight Loss Supplements:

It’s possible that Daniel was using supplements such as X-pel that are marketed to people that want to lose weight rapidly. Products such as these are diuretics and can cause weight to fluctuate throughout the day. I know it sounds not plausible, but I have obsessed over my weight for Jiu Jitsu tournaments and used them to lose weight. Sometimes it seemed like my weight would jump up and down seemingly at random!


4) The scale was actually broken



Yeah, we’re going to go with THE SCALE WAS NOT ACTUALLY BROKEN. So that leaves so many questions… burning questions. Questions that may never be answered.


But we do know that Daniel Cormier is going to face off against Anthony Rumble Johnson tomorrow night, and that is going to be amazing. I am predicting that Daniel is going to try to have a repeat of the same fight that originally transpired between the freak athletes where DC basically used wrestling to ground and pound a VERY tired Rumble.


Rumble probably focused on his takedown defense and escapes, and will most certainly try and keep Daniel up top with him and avoid getting taken down at all costs. Good luck with that!

All in all, I am predicting an upset somehow. Maybe it seems even silly to write, now that I am looking at it. At face value, DC looks like a lock to win the fight. But somehow I think that Rumble might just get lucky tomorrow night!




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