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Wim Hoff Method for MMA Training

If you’re an internet addict who is a sports enthusiast or into MMA training, you’ve probably heard of “The Iceman” Wim Hoff. Oh, you haven’t been introduced? Let me blow your mind for a second.




As you can see, “The Iceman” is not a misnomer. Basically if you have that nickname you are an ultimate badass OR a cold-blooded Polish hitman named Richard. In the former instance, Wim Hoff is really catching some global recognition for his amazing feats that he claims he can teach anyone how to do. Anyone, Wim? Anyone? Well, we know that most of us will never climb Mt. Everest in just a pair of shorts (which he did) or stay in ice-cold water for two hours without lowering his body temperature ( which he did) or get injected with harmful pathogens and overcome them by regulating his immune response (which he did).

These feats are kind of hard to believe, but they are well documented by science and also incredibly inspiring. Part of why Wim sought out these experiences was because of the tragic death of his late wife. The grieving process prompted him to basically transform into a super-human badass.VICE did a really good documentary on him and you can search that elsewhere.

The foundation of Wim Hoff’s ability to do crazy stuff (like running through the desert without drinking water)  is his breathing techniques. Part of these techniques involve hyperventilating, but the end result is to “control your autonomic nervous system”. I recently contacted one of my old professors who is the department chair of the neuroscience department of my Alma Mater back East. He’s keenly interested in this kind of phenomenon and views it as legitimate. This is interesting to neuroscientists like him because in the textbooks the autonomic nervous system is not classified as being under conscious control. Wim Hoff says it IS under conscious control. But can anyone do it? Wim also says absolutely “Yes.” The million Dollar Question is “How useful is Wim Hoff’s Method for MMA Training?”


Wim Hoff has been training with Alistair Overeem, the Dutch Jamaican MMA sensation that put away RDA and attributes this victory in part to Wim’s breathing techniques and mental endurance exercises adapted for MMA Training.


“You can never have enough oxygen”
“Alistair Overeem”


Alistair basically said that his cardio game saw immense gains when he was using this technique. If anyone knows about “Sea Level Cain” we know that Cardio is KING in the world of MMA. Of course, you need really great techniques (blackbelt in Jiu Jitsu or extensive Muay Thai experience definitely helps)

In the course of writing this blog I have been experimenting with the Wim Hoff techniques and spent some time dipping in the Mountain Streams around Hood River and also the John Day River in Eastern Oregon. I also have been using his breathing techniques and just busted out a 7 mile run today without stopping at high elevation. I am trying to use Wim’s techniques for my fight amateur MMA fight at the Rumble at the Roseland on May 13th 2017. I definitely think that there is something about the mental toughness and breath control that makes it a legitimate training tool for MMA training. These rivers are extremely cold. It’s very difficult to make yourself stay submerged in them for extended periods of time. But hey, you sure feel SUPER alive and alert and awake afterwards, ready for anything. I would recommend researching it and talking with your healthcare professional before you try anything such as this, but I can definitely say it’s been giving me an edge. Iceman? Maybe not yet guys. But, I’m getting there.


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