Affordable Jiu Jitsu Classes Portland : Quality Instruction At Mata Leao

Affordable Jiu Jitsu Classes Portland

Affordable Jiu Jitsu Classes Portland Quality Instruction At Mata Leao Combat Sports

Hello! This blog is aboutJiu Jitsu training and personal finance for the martial arts motivated individual.”


Great! So, about your situation. We need to talk. I know that you’re trying to get into some Jiu Jitsu Classes. You might have heard about Eddie from 10th Planet on the Joe Rogan Podcast. Maybe you got mugged and you’re trying to learn how to fight. Maybe you were a wrestler before and would love to get into some badass martial arts classes. Maybe you have never taken a martial arts class in your life and you just like the UFC and want to get in shape.


MAYBE The fear of not having money is holding you back.



Affordable Jiu Jitsu Classes Portland… Is this even possible? Everyone has a different background. But I talk to so many people with the same mental narrative.


” I would totally like to, but money is tight right now.”

You can try out Mata Leao Combat Sports- FOR FREE- For 30 days and see if you like it. No strings, no obligations. Let’s see if you’re really into training, changing and improving your life.


“Well, I’m on a tight budget, so….”



Yeah, I get it. There are ups and downs in life. But if you are trying to get to that next level in life and break through those walls that you are trying to get through to achieve your goals, you have to have the discipline to get there.


Jiu Jitsu helps tremendously for that. Let’s play a thought experiment. Say someone paid for your classes for 10 years, all for doing nothing. Would you go every day? Maybe, maybe not. Maybe it would mean a lot more if you had worked for it yourself.


Bottom line in 2018, you need to HUSTLE in your personal life on whatever area that you are most gifted in and get that money so that you can come to Jiu Jitsu Class.

Mata Leao is one of the most¬†Affordable Jiu Jitsu Classes Portland, other gyms are charging huge margins more than us and we can honestly say that you get better instruction than other gyms in town. That’s why we are willing to give you the thirty free days.


I know that it’s a tough world and everything is expensive. But I know that the gains that you will get in confidence, mental abilities, perspective, friendships, and so much more will be SO well worth it. It’s the difference between night and day your mood and attitude when you are training regularly vs when you are not.


So, in 2018, let’s pursue a more stable economic situation for ourselves so that we can pursue the martial arts dreams that we have and reach our potential for earning, and learning, Martial Arts in 2018.¬†



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