Best Kickboxing Gym Portland

Best Kickboxing Gym Portland

Best Kickboxing Gym Portland : Mata Leao Combat Sports






Kickboxing is one of the best martial arts that you can do, period. Muay Thai is the style of kickboxing that we teach at Mata Leao, and the benefits are numerous. Let’s examine.

We have the Equipment

Part of the reason that we are simply the best kickboxing gym Portland is because we have all the equipment that you need to get started. Gloves, pads, and jump ropes are all provided by Mata Leao. You might want to eventually get your own ( we sell them) but until then, borrow a pair of ours!


Our Coaches Are Legit 

Yes, our kickboxing coaches go to Thailand to learn how to master the art of kickboxing from legit kickboxing coaches. They aren’t trained off of youtube, they’re the real deal. #squadgoals.

Awesome People 


The people that go to Mata Leao are really supportive and have diverse backgrounds and interests. This ensures that you will always have a training partner that meets your skill level and you both can meet each other in the middle to train hard for that session.

We don’t spar hard. 

Part of the lessons that I have learned in training for my fights is that it’s best to spar very lightly with Muay Thai. Disclaimer, in class the coaches will teach you legitimate techniques and there will be some contact. However, no one is going to beat you up or hit you hard! When you get to the level of wanting to test your skills, then there will be opportunities to do so. However, a wise man once said that technique should come first. Power and speed should come later!

Relieves Stress

I just got handed two HUGE L’s in life. My car got stolen on Monday and a fight that I was training for months for bottomed out. What keeps me centered and balanced in life ( and keeps the existential whiskey fueled crises at bay? Muay Thai KICKBOXING. When I found out that my car was stolen, I went straight to the bags. Usually I train my technique really light so as to maintain proper form. However, that night I really let ‘er rip and absolutely shredded the bags with resounding blows that gave me catharsis. Remember, wherever you are in life, there’s always a way to move forward in a positive direction. Generally, martial arts is the best way to get out of a tight spot because it’s great exercise and a legitimate form of therapy/ meditation. So, come down to Mata Leao and get your 30 day free trial! You’ll thank me, and yourself later.


Best Kickboxing Gym Portland : Mata Leao Combat Sports

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