Best Muay Thai Gifts For 2018

Best Muay Thai Gifts For 2017: Awesome Presents for your Muay Thai Fighter!!!!



It’s that special time of year again: that magical time where we slide cards while mentally doing subtraction and praying that everything will be okay. It’s the time for reassessing where we are in life and also giving people awesome presents. It’s a time for being grateful for what we have, but also hooking people up with awesome stuff.


If you’re reading this blog, chances are you’re a Muay Thai fanatic like me.


Hopefully you’ve found a significant other that shares your passion for kicking, elbowing, punching, and kneeing stuff.

If this isn’t the case, consider this list a convenient way of playing Santa Claus for yourself.




One of the Best Muay Thai Gifts that you can buy for yourself around the Holiday’s is a Gym Membership. Sure, it’s not “A Red Ryder BB gun with a compass in the stock, and this thing which tells time” But it’s the gift that keeps giving. Imagine how much better your life will be once you’re going to Muay Thai classes regularly! It’s probably one of the more generous presents that you might be able to give, but it’s also one of the more quality gifts that you could give yourself or a significant other.


Private Instruction / Muay Thai Lessons

Private Muay Thai Lessons? At Mata Leao, we do those. Absolutely. It’s a great way to get that individual attention that really promotes learning. That way you can focus on the areas in Muay Thai that you really need to work on that might get glossed over in class. At Mata Leao we have really great promotional deals for Private Lessons, so make sure to call (503) 208-3160 and ask for private lessons that are really affordable!




Currently I am using a Basmati rice bag as a way to lug my mouth guard, shin-guards, gloves, and hand wraps. Yeah, it’s less that desirable honestly and that’s why I am putting this on list. A quality gym bag like this one is a great way to go to the gym in style and to keep all of your equipment in one place.



Let’s Not Forget These Valuable Stocking Stuffers.

  • Mouth Guards
  • Hand Wraps
  • Headbands
  • Tiger Balm
  • Local Fight Event Tickets!!!!!


Muay Thai Boxing Gloves


Tired of using the same gym gloves? It’s kinda gross if you use them time after time. They get all sweaty and gross. It’s best to use your own honestly. Even though it’s not that big a deal to use the gym edition gloves, it’s still best to get a pair of your own!  Luckily Mata Leao Sells Gloves! Buy local my friends, and get a pair for yourself or a loved one.


Muay Thai Shorts



Yeah, so Best Muay Thai Gifts Listicle would be a failure without including Muay Thai shorts. Muay Thai shorts make you look awesome at practice. They also help you to stay cool, especially when it starts to get warmer out.  At Mata Leao, we have awesome Muay Thai shorts for sale as well as patches that you can put on a pair of generic Muay Thai shorts to make it ultra legit looking while repping . If you are wearing the right gear for your hobby, it elevates the experience of training to a new level. Invest in yourself or a loved one and get a sick pair of Muay Thai Shorts!





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