Best UFC Knockouts of 2017…. A Delightful Meta-Analysis of The Best KO’S!!!

Best UFC Knockouts of 2017

Best UFC Knockouts of 2017


I gotta admit, some of these were absolutely brutal. This video is 9:28 of pure brutality. Are you hearing me guys? NSFB = Not Safe for Brains. Best UFC Knockouts of 2017 below!!!

Just to get started, some useful medical terminology: Cerebral edema is a life-threatening condition that develops as a result of an inflammatory reaction. Most frequently, this is the consequence of cerebral trauma AKA GETTING KICKED IN THE HEAD BY HOLLY HOLM



best UFC knockouts 2017



Some of my favorite parts were when Rose Namajunas knocked down J-Czech with a huge sweeping left that pretty much put her lights out. Then Joanna tapping to punches on the ground, ushering in the new Champ T-Rose!!! I was stoked.

Stipe Miocic knocking out Dos Santos… Now that was a heavy handed KO!

Gastelum finishing Michael Bisping really just knocked “The Count” down a few notches as far as his standing in the UFC is concerned, especially after losing to GSP after GSP was starting to gas! One of the best ufc knockouts of 2017 for sure.


Holly Holm should get “notch” tattoos on her legs like some Gang’s of New York style mercenary ticks notches on a bludgeon to indicate how many skulls they’ve destroyed.  Holm just kinda “mushed” her face. Like Patrice O’Neal would do, ‘with a twist’ at the end to really add a sense of panache.



You gotta give it to Picket for getting up, wobbling and contesting with like “what gives?” the ref after taking those shots from Vera on the ground. Picket got kicked IN THE EAR it looks like on the replay. Ouch.

I gotta say, Alexander Gustafsson with the trio of uppercuts he landed to finish with the right on Teixera really takes the cake for my favorite KO.

I would have to say the peach of the best UFC knockouts of 2017 would have to be when Francis motherfucking Ngannou knocked out Alistair Overeem with that uppercut from hell.

I would say that it would be Jon Jones as he knocked out Cormier… but we all know it doesn’t count if you’re currently banned for steroids.


What do you guys think of the Best UFC Knockouts of 2017 ? Let us know in the comments below!



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