Bisping Vs St. Pierre World Middleweight Championship

Bisping Vs St. Pierre World Middleweight Championship

Bisping Vs St. Pierre World Middleweight Championship Fight Interview


Trash Talking Fighters Make Things Interesting….

This video gives a mental snapshot of  both of the fighters as they move forward towards their epic clash: The Bisping Vs St. Pierre World Middleweight Championship Card…

Back from a hiatus going back starting in 2014, the 35-year-old former three-time welterweight champion before announced he will be fighting Englishman Michael Bisping for the middleweight title later in the year. Bisping seemed bellicose and possibly hung-over as he castigated GSP who seemed relatively unfazed and articulate.






Bisping confirmed UFC boss Dana White wants the fight to take place on July 8, making it the headliner for UFC 213.



Everyone is stoked to hear that GSP is coming back to fight. Not everyone is stoked that he’s getting a shot at the title right off the bat. 


The UFC’s most recognizable commentator and cultural icon Joe Rogan expressed misgivings that Georges St. Pierre would be given the opportunity to take the belt from Bisping over other fighters like Yoel Romero.

“I really want to see Yoel Romero get a shot at the title. I know he’s waiting, he’s waiting right now for what I think is an interesting fight between Michael Bisping and Georges St-Pierre”

A lot of people would also agree that there is an obvious motive for the UFC to make the most money, and award opportunities to the fighters who would garner the most viewers. Rogan added: “I think that’s an interesting fight. I don’t like it in terms of the hierarchy of the division. I think that, as far as the division goes, it’s not good at all. It sort of hijacks the whole situation.”



“I felt like I had to fight because I had to, not because I wanted to.”


In another interview Georges St. Pierre said that before he was unhappy with the circumstances surrounding his previous fighting environment and so he had to make some life-changes and step away. At 35, he feels that he is at his peak and his return is making him happy quoted as saying “I have a few fights left in me I’m in my prime, I want to fight the fight that fans want to see but also the fight that elevates me the most, that’s why I am fighting[…] My goal is set on Michael Bisping.”


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