BJJ Classes Portland | Overhook Cross Collar Choke/ Armbar

Here’s a cool set up to the overhook that I taught tonight in one of our BJJ Classes Portland. This is actually part of a longer sequence of submissions and sweeps that i like to attack from the overhook from the closed guard.  I think the most important move out of the whole sequence is the

set up in getting into the overhook itself. I think that the overhook is one of the closed guard’s DEADLIEST TRAPS. Its is trap in which allows the attacker many many options to acquire either submissions and/or sweeps, leaving the opponent on top to try and secure the distance by just holding the attacker at close range. At our BJJ Classes Portland am constantly asked what is the best way to secure the overhook.

The overhook is very tricky to apply when the opponent is postured up so I like to secure the person down by holding one of my legs with both hands over his back. This allows me swim my arm under his elbow to aqcuire the overhook without struggling to hold my opponent down

The choke and armbar are two of many attacks that I do from this trap. I will show more of this in one of my next BJJ Classes Portland and will share in the future. As always please enjoy and share.

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