Chinese Police Shut Down MMA vs. Tai Chi Mass Brawl: Video

Chinese Police Shut Down MMA vs. Tai Chi Mass Brawl: Video

Chinese Police Shut Down MMA vs. Tai Chi Mass Brawl: Video

I don’t know if you guys know this or not, but this story starts with a brawl between Xu Xiaodong, head of of the Beijing MMA association and Wei Lei, a Tai Chi Master.

It went basically how you might expect it to go.





As you can clearly see, a brutal one sided beatdown ensued.


This is what happens when you put Tai Chi guys against MMA guys. This is coming from someone who did a considerable amount of Tai Chi in my life, as well as Qi Gong before I started Muay Thai and Jiu Jitsu..  I think that Tai Chi and Qi Gong have helped me become a better martial artist and has improved my health. But also I was doing a really intense version of Qi Gong that required a lot of endurance for hours at a time. Click here for a portal to a Harvard Medical School Study on the efficacy of Tai Chi as a healthful exercise.  I think mostly that it helps with balance and in strictly grappling it can help your stand-up game. HOWEVER HERE’S THE MAJOR CAVEAT: TAI CHI DOES NOT SUFFICE AS A SOLE MEANS OF SELF-DEFENSE AGAINST TRAINED MARTIAL ARTISTS. It’s kind of like trying to play Call Of Duty and you only have flash bangs and the cumbersome, one shot slow-to-load rocket launcher while everyone else has automatic weapons, grenades, and side-arms. You might school someone who has NOTHING on the map, but you’re going to get absolutely fucking owned most of the time if that’s all you’re bringing to the table. Same with Aikido.




So basically the whole story is that after defeating Wei the Tai Chi Master he had a lot of things to say about Tai Chi. Basically he said that it was completely BUNK and then that pissed off a bunch of Tai Chi Blokes who were understandably upset. Click here for the full video,there’s no brawl but it sure is interesting 

So you gotta think that the Chinese Government is like HOLY FUCK we gotta shut this down because Tai Chi is the National Sport of China and it’s a matter of National Pride. The last thing that they want is for that sweet tourism to decline once those man-buns seeking enlightenment and also a way to get tough start eyeing Thailand instead for Muay Thai.


Chinese Police Shut Down MMA vs. Tai Chi Mass Brawl: Video






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