Breaking News: Conor Mcgregor Turns Himself in After Bus Freakout

Conor Mcgregor

Breaking News: Conor Mcgregor Turns Himself in After Bus Freakout


This has been a ROLLEY COASTAH of a day.


I still can’t believe it. Remember hearing about all of those Native Southern American that couldn’t perceive the Spanish ships as they arrived to absolutely ruin their civilization circa 1500? I don’t know if that’s true or not.


BUT IF IT WERE. What I’m trying to say is that I saw the video of Conor throwing that dolly like an absolute SAVAGE and it literally didn’t register in my brain that it was him.


I thought that the video was some kind of extended April Fools’ day prank, but it never crossed my mind that it was Conor freaking out.


I guess at this point he turned himself into the cops, which is what the internet told me.


I am pretty much in shock about everything. I am guessing that a big part of why this happened is because Conor’s money went to his head and he got a little bit of a God complex. He hasn’t fought in a while and that probably is a bad thing because he needs an outlet for his aggression. He might be on drugs or maybe he’s on PED’s and hanging out with some hype dudes that amped up the aggression. THIS IS NOT THE WATER BOTTLE INCIDENT AT THE NATE DIAZ PRESSER.


This is some next level. Do you think that this is worse than the time that Jon Jones hit a pregnant lady in a car and then ran away? I basically think that it’s the equivalent and that people will forget about it in a year and that he will be back. I mean, Mike Tyson went to jail for allegedly raping someone and now he’s America’s sweetheart. I mean…. HOW DID PEOPLE START LIKING GEORGE BUSH JR. AGAIN. What, you paint some goofy paintings and then it’s suddenly ok that you d̶i̶d̶ ̶9̶/̶1̶1̶  completely ruined our economy.


ANYWAY not to get political. But what I’m saying is true. If he cools down for like a year or two people eventually will love him again. I mean I’m not condoning what he did at all. But I am saying that as a society we are all collectively amnesiac for people. Except Ashlee Simpson. We will never forget what you did and we will never forgive that you lip-synched and then started hopping around for some reason. Ya blew it Ashlee. Ya blew it.

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