Conor Vs Floyd All Access Showtime Episode 1

Conor Vs Floyd All Access Showtime Episode 1



I don’t know about you guys, but Conor vs Floyd All Access Episode 1 is getting me stupid amped for the fight. At this point, it’s 20 days out. That’s less than three weeks away. I can’t even believe the hype when you’re watching the lead up videos to the fight.


Unprecedented Hype

This is the biggest fight of our lifetime. Floyd coming out of retirement at a 49-0 record to face Conor. Conor holding 2 belts at different weight classes.


If Conor knocks out Floyd he will rock the world upside down. If Floyd knocks out Conor, no one will be surprised.


There’s definitely an age difference that will be at play. No one seems to think that Conor will win, despite it. I’d say that if you bet on Conor, and he won, you’ll probably make a lot of money.


We really enjoyed Conor Vs Floyd All Access Episode 1, and we hope that you did to!



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