Coronavirus Jiu Jitsu : Mata Leao Update


In light of the recent pandemic, and in keeping with the governmental recommendations in place, Mata Leao, your home for martial arts has temporarily shuttered its doors. We know how much this means to all of you as training is a big part of our lives. We have a plan in place that will connect us as a martial arts community in a new way that will be fun and interactive.

It is important for us to slow the virus down by distancing ourselves. However, our wise and highly creative leader Professor Omar Santiago has come up with some starter ways to keep everybody training despite these recent changes!


First off, If you haven’t yet please join our Facebook groups to get updates about our online courses and live streaming classes.




For adults :

For kids:

Please join to stay updated! 



Secondly, subscribe to our YouTube page to get daily videos and more: Mata Leao Combat Sports Youtube Page

Here we will be posting videos on the daily!!!


Yes, that’s right! We have an amazing DAILY VIDEO SERIES planned out! Be sure to click on the notification button/bell on the youtube channel!

The videos will consist of:
– Muay Thai kickboxing
– Daily functional fitness workouts
– Jeet Kune Do/ Mata Street Tactics
(Our new program based on street self defense and self preservation)
– Kids martial arts – BJJ and Muay Thai vids

We are so very excited to welcome you to this new platform. It’s important for us to stay connected as a family and as a community during this trying time. We are going to make it through this everyone! If you have a special training buddy in mind, it might be a good time to give them a heads up that training is at the house now!


Finally, Please download  the ZOOM Cloud Meetings App ( and stay tuned for a link to the webinar where we will be conducting the live broadcasts of our classes. We will have this up within the next day. Thank you and see you OSS!





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