Francis Ngannou Acknowledges Fan-Made UFC 220 Poster

UFC 220 Poster

Sometimes, UFC Fans Surprise us with their creativity.

This ridiculous UFC 220 Poster just got me more hyped for the main event, Stipe Miocic vs Francis Ngannou.


Remember that one guy at UFC 55 that yelled, very audibly ” KICK HIM IN THE DICK” And the two fighters just burst out laughing? 

Or how about that time when Joe Rogan got called out by a fan at UFC 122 and got embarrassed? 


This blog is not about those funny UFC moments, although those are worth mentioning as runner’s up. Here’s the breakdown of this hilarious UFC 220 Poster and it’s metaphorical significance as we interpret.


UFC 220 Poster

There’s Smoke Before Fire….


Can we acknowledge that this is an absolutely ridiculous depiction of Ngannou? I mean, it is somewhat ignominious looking at first glance- and yet- the more you look, it’s actually a fitting portrait of what Ngannou represents to the UFC and more directly to Stipe Miocic. Ominous, Looming, Threatening, Amorphous and yet Very Powerful… an omen of bad things to come. If he can do that to Alistair…. ( and we ALL saw what happened to Alistair….)… then, can he do that to Stipe?


UFC 220 Poster

Will Stipe Be Able to Put Out The Flames?

Stipe is basically the only man currently that’s suited to put a stop to this Ngannou hype train.

I do not envy Stipe at all. I mean, he’s the heavy weight champ, and he’s number one for a reason. But Nagannou is freakishly strong, and I’m thinking if Stipe gets caught with one of those uppercuts from Hell and joins Alistair Overeem in the Shadow Realm… Then we might have as what Joe Rogan Predicted a “Mike Tyson Style Champ”- Basically a undefeatable Phenom that dominates the shit out of the division. No Pressure, right Stipe?

Either way, it’s gonna be a barn burner.



UFC 220 Poster

I’m Just Gonna Leave This Here


I have to say, depicting Holm vs Cyborg as Chun Li vs Blanca is a really creative take on the fight.

UFC 220 Poster

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