How to build a Jiu Jitsu Training Dummy

Jiu Jitsu Training DummyHere’s a simple video tutorial on how to build your own Jiu Jitsu Training Dummy.  We made this video for all of you that will not have access to a training partner while we all practice this self distancing and for those that just need access to a Jiu Jitsu Training Dummy at random times. We are about to launch our virtual classes and we understand that the Jiu Jitsu classes can be a bit challenging without a partner. As I explain in the video, I have used this for my personal training in the past an it has helped tremendously. So, if you got about 6-8 spare towels or sheets, some tight fitting clothes, some safety pins and a good sense of humor, you too can come up on top of this whole Corona Virus epidemic.

If you, lack some of these specific things you can get creative and use any other types of clothing that you can find. When I first made this I laughed and thought it was a funny thing, a week later I was slaying techniques from my Marcelo Garcia book all with my dummy. Make one now, I guarantee you’ll be using it later.

Stay tuned for a post of our scheduled virtual classes that are about to start. See you all soon. OSS!

(I apologize for the low quality of the video,iMovie degraded our video for some reason. Spent hours trying to figure it out and unfortunately couldn’t do it. Apparently its a thing with iMovie, meh.)

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