Jiu Jitsu Back Pain

Jiu Jitsu Back Pain Getting You Down?

Yeah, me too guys. Hi everyone. It’s Aaron. The Blogger. From Mata Leao Combat Sports.


I’m not trying to come across as whiny right now, but I think we can all agree that back pain suck, right?


Hey I get it. You were drinking too many Rainiers on a Saturday night and showed up to open mat on Sunday with a mild hangover.

You rolled with your friends and put in a mad decent roll sesh for several hours. Busted out that sweet omoplata on a higher belt than you. Way to go whitey! (I’m talking about the belt guys calm down)


So, the next morning you wake up kinda stiff. You start to feel a radiating “disjointed” feeling in your lumbar region on your morning walk.

“Hm” you think: “is that anything to be concerned about?”


Nah, I’ll just wiggle my butt a little to see if I can’t realign it. Oh my god, someone saw me I forgot I was in public. Better hit the dab real quick to make it look more natural. Just kidding guys calm down.


Seriously though back pain is a major issue and we need to be taking care of ourselves and stay up on that yoga when we mess our bodes up through Jiu Jitsu . Jiu Jitsu Back Pain is the worst.


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