Jiu Jitsu Near Me : Common Excuses People Make To Avoid BJJ

Jiu Jitsu Near Me


Jiu Jitsu Near Me : Common Excuses People Make To Avoid Training Jiu Jitsu


Jiu Jitsu Near Me : BJJ Excuses


We are talking about excuses that people make. Some of these are better than others!

  • Injuries


Yes, Injuries are discouraging and they can really get you down. That’s okay. Get seen by a doctor if you need professional medical help, absolutely. But hey, even if you are on crutches you can STILL come in and see people train during practice. That will tide you over and help you feel connected to the Jiu Jitsu Near Me Gym even when you are struggling.

  • Depression

Yes, there are people that are so depressed that they can’t come out and train. We encourage you to seek professional mental health providers if you are experiencing training. For most people, exercise is a component of their wellness plan. Get some help, learn about your condition, and come see us for a reasonable training schedule, even if it’s just once a week.


We are getting into the less reasonable excuses for training.


  • Getting discouraged


That’s okay if you are getting discouraged about your training. That means that you are evolving in some way. Perhaps you are being too hard on yourself. Maybe you need to take a new approach to learning. That’s okay. It’s not okay to give up. KEEP GOING.


  • Getting a blue belt


For some reason people drop out of BJJ when they get their blue belt. Don’t let that be you. You’re my boy, blue! Keep going.


  • Afraid of Injuries

That’s understandable, but injuries really shouldn’t be that big of a part of your training honestly. You should be slow rolling and working your game. Don’t fight every submission to the death. If someone is rolling with you that’s too rough, let them know and just don’t roll with them anymore! It shouldn’t be routine that you are getting injured. So don’t let that be your excuse to get out of training!


  • Working too much.

    GET TO THE GYM. You lowkey need it. It’s a part of life that needs to happen. For your health, for your life enjoyment. Understandable if you work a lot and are busy, but if you are invested in long term success for yourself then you need to take time to exercise. Might as well be around good people and rolling.






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