Jiu Jitsu Portland : Picking The Right Gym For You

Jiu Jitsu Portland

Jiu Jitsu Portland : Who’s The Best?

Jiu Jitsu Portland

I wanna be, the very best. Like no one ever was..



It’s a New Year in 2018 Ya’ll. Going to the right Jiu Jitsu Portland Gym might change your whole year!

Selecting the right gym would provide you with an instant better social life, a great outlet, support, and learning great techniques. Picking the wrong school sucks, it can be a waste of money and there are some really odd ones out there that aren’t worth it. Without naming any names, I know what it’s like to shop for a school and strike out a few times before you pick a winner. Since I’m the blogger here, I’m betting you might have figured out it’s Mata Leao Combat Sports. 


The first introduction that I got to Jiu Jitsu was a little uhhhh… rough. I will always remember that my first Jiu Jitsu class (not at Mata Leao, obviously)  had me rolling with spazzed out white belts. It was a little too energetic, a little unnecessarily dangerous, and there was not a lot of oversight from the coach, and I got neck cranked. LAME.


If you’re looking for a Jiu Jitsu Portland Gym, Here’s some tips on finding the best one and good questions to ask yourself:

Jiu Jitsu Portland Instructors:

  1. Does he/she explain technique well? How many times does he demonstrate the move?
  2. Can you understand what the instructor is communicating?
  3. How well does he teach beginners?
  4. Does he/she walk around and coach during drilling  or does he/she just silently sit against the wall?
  5. How well does he/she answer students’ questions?
  6. Is this a person you think you can get along with on a daily basis?
  7. What is the coach’s demeanor? Friendly? Drill Sargent?
  8. How does the coach act when the student can’t complete or doesn’t understand a move during class?
  9. Is the instructor patient with his students?
  10. Does the instructor favor the better athletes in the class while not spending enough time with students who are struggling?
  11. How many instructors are the at the school and who will be teaching the beginner classes and the classes that fit your schedule


    1. Are the students paying attention to the instructor?
    2. Are the students respectful to each other?
    3. Do the students look happy to be there?
    4. What is the quality of the follow-up questions from the students?
    5. Can you be friends with these students?
    6. How do the experienced students treat white belts while rolling?
    7. How aggressive are the students when they are rolling?
    8. What is the ratio of colored belts to white belts in the class?



At Mata Leao, We Ask Ourselves These Questions All The Time So That We Can Offer You The Best Instruction Possible.



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