Jon Jones Failed Drug Test

Jon Jones Failed Drug Test


Guys there’s just so much on this one.

Disbelief. Sadness. Anger and more disbelief from all of the Jon Bones Jones Fans.


I am in that camp and I honestly do not know what to say.


If these allegations are true and Jones truly took steroids and not some boner pill which he was cleared by USADA for and his suspension truncated, then he will have lost major standing in the MMA community.


What an insane turn of events. My mind keeps thinking ” how could it be?”…


I suppose it could be said that Jones might be the type of man for which he must have “certainty” that it will work.


His boner pills, for example. Probably overkill. But hey, at least he knows that IT DEFINITELY WILL WORK WHEN THE TIME COMES.

The type of man that orders two safes, one for his money, and the other to put the other safe in.


The type of man that would nuke a house spider from orbit, just to be safe.


The type of man that ‘test clicks’ the tongs several times, just to make sure they still work.


The type to check his sent box to make sure it went through.


The type of man to push the lock button on his key fob till the car honks twice… just to be extra sure.


The type of man that would take steroids to make sure that Cormier didn’t beat his ass in front of the whole World? I don’t know guys. I just don’t know.




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