Kickboxing Portland | Stomp Double Leg Kick

In this video I show a technique that I demonstrated last monday in our kickboxing portland fundamentals class. This is rear kick with what I like to call the stomp technique. I call it the stomp because

instead of just steping out and pivoting on your toes I jump toward the outside stomping my foot with my toes aimed backwards. What this does is allow my hips to be fully open for a complete rotation of my leg while at the same time pulling my hip flexors setting them up to fire . Like I tell everyone ” th estreching of the hips is like pulling on a rubber band and then letting go”.

This takes a bit of training tio get the stomping down as well as calculating the range but the power generated by this is worth the extra hours. I find this to be more effective on the low kick bt can also be applied to mid kicks. Try and shadow box the stoming about a hundred times then hit the bag.

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