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Local MMA Portland : How To 100% Guaranteed win your next MMA, Boxing, Or Jiu Jitsu Match

Local MMA Portland


This Blog is a foolproof way to win your next MMA match. Very audacious, very clickbait.   I can already feel it. People are getting #triggered… 😂 😂 😂

…Bruh, I am right there with you. Hear me out tho.



i. Out-Train Your Opponent

Time on the mats is gold. If you train significantly more than your opponent, the odds are in your favor, might seem very logical and straightforward, but there’s actually a science behind out training your opponent.  

According to Firas Zahabi, the way to out-train your opponent is to not over-exert yourself so that you waste time on recovery. Total time spent training and perfecting your craft and techniques is a great way to spend more time training and less idle time. With that being said, obviously it matters what kind of training you do. Fortunately for you, Mata Leao Combat Sports has an insane track record of being one of the best gyms in town for over 11 years. Wanna join? It’s super simple to start our 30 day free trial… 



ii. Out-train yourself

bUt yOu jUsT dId tHiS oNe

Ay, this is different. Listen, we all know that we all have this preset comfort zone that we stay in and say “well, that’s good enough, any more and I could be over doing it.” Maybe the best brain hack that we could do is gradually increasing that set point by pushing past that point of “I can’t do this anymore”. Over time, we should evolve past previous self concepts of what we know to be possible and overcome those fears and uncertainties that we have about ourselves as martial artists.


iii. Have an impeccable diet

You can’t out-train a bad diet guys. Unless… jk jk you really can’t



iv. have a great weight cut, if at all.


This is potentially a whole other separate blog because people are  very outlandish with how they cut weight. If it must be done, best to do it the right way by gradually manipulating your aldosterone, that’s a whole ‘nother topic. 


v. be mentally prepared

Guys this might be the most important one of all. You could be in the best shape of your life, but you cannot win your next match if you have weakness, fear, and doubt clouding your next mind. Of course, anxieties and fears and kind of natural if you’re going to go fight, however, I am talking about losing the fight in your mind before step inside that cage. MEDITATE MEDITATE MEDITATE and also visualize yourself winning your next match, pushing through that difficult bout, pushing past that challenging opponent, and FIGHTING your BEST FIGHT.


It’s 2020 ya’ll. Let’s get it.


If you live in the area and would like to train some Local MMA Portland come check us out and try our FREE trial offer that we have going on. You can sign up for a the trial here: www.mataleaocs.com


Local MMA Portland

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