Mixed Martial Arts Training Portland OR

mixed martial arts training portland OR

 Don’t be afraid of change…MMA Classes in Portland OR

MMA Classes in Portland OR:


When it comes to your training, are you still stuck on the same methods that you started with? Or have you learned a better, more effective way of drilling and executing techniques?

The greatest fighters have been innovators that weren’t afraid of failing in their creative efforts towards becoming better at their craft.

Modern fighting is a science: individuals contribute successes and failures in their attempts to win over their opponents. Through the collective efforts of a greater mosaic of fighters, these lessons help evolve the sport as fighters continue to become more efficient and well-rounded.

Todays fighters have to be adept in a multitude of different disciplines and have effectively hybridized them into a singular art that they feel comfortable with.

This is true for virtually every sport or discipline. MMA is kind of a more vertical learning curve because people get knocked out. However, there are crossovers from sport to sport that will always hold true in their predictiveness for success.

“I am not the best. But I have the potential to be something great
– Anderson Silva

For example, flexibility and balance methods from gymnastics, strength and explosive power methods from Olympic lifters and aerobic conditioning methods of rugby players can all help MMA Athletes become better.

How can you incorporate more innovation and creativity into your training?

If your training  at MMA Classes in Portland OR is one dimensional and boring, the chances are is that your performance in the ring will also be so. Embrace your failures and continue to push forward towards and break new grounds.


All of the greats have within them a kernel of madness. Jon Jones and Anderson Silva certainly are good examples. Those fighters are very fluid, flexible, creative, and also a little crazy.

At Mata Leao, we encourage tried and true techniques, but we also honor all people from all walks of life.  Along your journey, you should always be open to learning new techniques and having new experiences which forge you into a better person and a better athlete.

For More Information on MMA Classes in Portland OR, visit us at Mataleaocs.com 



mixed martial arts training portland OR

mixed martial arts training portland OR

mixed martial arts training portland OR

mixed martial arts training portland OR

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