MMA Fighter Eduardo Larenas Stabs Home Invader To Death

eduardo larenas

An MMA fighter, Eduardo “Icho” Larenas allegedly stabbed a home invader to death while he and his wife were being held prisoner in their house in Canada.

Five people forced their way into a home in Laval, Quebec, late Monday night. Larenas, a heavyweight MMA fighter, and his wife had been renting the residence since February and were present when the men came.

As per the original story from TVA Nouvelles, the assailants pretended to be delivery men before holding Larenas and his wife hostage. The team allegedly planned to steal a “large inheritance” that the fighter had just received.

Larenas allegedly grabbed a knife from one of the attackers and stabbed him to death about six hours after the ordeal began. Larenas and his wife were then able to escape the four others in the group and flee the residence.

Laval police arrived at the location about 2 a.m. on Tuesday morning after receiving a call.  Quebec Provincial Police were called in to aid with the investigation due to the nature of the incident. A perimeter was established around the house so that investigators could have a clear understanding of what had happened.

Investigators notified the couple in a meeting on Tuesday afternoon that criminal charges could be filed in the fatal stabbing. At this time, no additional information has been released.

Larenas is a native Argentinean who has spent most of his MMA career living and training in Canada. The heavyweight fighter primarily competed for the TKO promotion in Canada, but he did make one UFC appearance at UFC 58, where he was defeated by Tom Murphy by TKO in the third round.

Eduardo Larenas’ last fight was in 2018 and he has a 6-6 career record.


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