MMA NW fighting Portland OR : CARDIO TIME BOYS

MMA NW fighting portland OR




There are plenty of elite level fighters that overlook this fundamental aspect of combat.


MMA NW fighting portland OR: 

If you said to yourself ” HMMM who tf would overlook something as fundamental as CARDIO in the MMA, or especially at the highest level of the UFC… Well, there are a lot of people that flop on this front.

MMA NW fighting Portland OR : CARDIO TIME BOYS

It’s kind of sad to see so much talent get flushed down the drain and completely destroyed because they could not keep up the pace and gassed quickly.


How can fighters that are wanting to get into MMA and fight in an amateur or professional bout reasonably expect to have sufficient cardio for a 9 minute or 3 round fight? The answer in short is HARD WORK.


That’s right guys, a lot of grinding and doing “road work” as Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather calls it. That champ is known to go to a party, drink water all night, and then go for a run at 2 in the morning. How many people do that? Hmmmmm


I suppose that it’s possible to have access to the best tools, the best trainers, be impossibly hyped, and a main contender for the heavy-weight belt… and then still GAS HARD.  *CoughNnaggnouCough*


Wtf is going on here? Is it diet? Is that they have an aversion to treadmills?


I think that there is a little bit of physics, biology, and psychology going on.


Physics: It’s hard carrying that much weight around

Biology: The mitochondria cannot create ATP fast enough to provide energy on demand

Psychology: You are on TV fighting in real life. HYPE AF freak out, adrenaline dump = GAS


So how do we overcome these seemingly immutable scientific principles?


I think that the first thing is to do it Muay Thai style and run 5-10 miles a day. That’s going to condition your heart and lungs .


The next thing I personally think is to roll a lot and do “LIVE FIRE” practices where there is all the hype of the fight without the danger of getting knocked out.


I also think that fighters would benefit from meditation and also taking COLD showers for like 20 minutes at a time.


If you’re doing that, and you still gas? Well, maybe it’s the DIET my dudes.









MMA NW fighting portland OR

MMA NW fighting portland OR

MMA NW fighting portland OR

MMA NW fighting portland OR

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