It’s not a secret, exercise is touted as the miracle drug. We’ve discussed this in recent blogs about how Muay Thai kickboxing Portland will get you addicted, literally and how your body’s endorphins are chemically very similar to morphine. People that exercise regularly tend to be happier and less anxious. If you want to have more satisfaction out of life, exercise is a major component. I’ve often reasoned that I would rather be entertained and gain skills while exercising and not just mindlessly lift weights: this is why I do martial arts.

People put off going to the gym for the first time because they are worried about feeling out of place, out of their comfort zone or feeling silly. The truth is that it’s never as bad as you think it’s going to be.

At Mata Leao, we are always friendly and welcoming and we always have people who are just starting out too that will be your peers. When you start training you will find that no one is looking your way, they are all getting on with their own training.

When I first came to Mata Leao I was a little self conscious, which is perfectly understandable. But the more that I drilled these awesome techniques, the more that I began to feel more confident in my life in other areas. Training at Mata Leao has gotten me through some tough times in life because I had the discipline to push forward. Those habits were tempered and forged here.  If you’re going through the Winter blues, keep your chin up friend. Come try our free 30 day trial and enjoy the feeling of a positive and fresh new start.

Here’s a dope video to watch before you come in so that you can say you already know about Muay Thai!!!

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