Stip Micocic currently seems unfazed by the fact that heavyweight history is in the making for UFC 220.

Perhaps it’s because Miocic has already defended his belt 2 times already, and knocked both out in the first round.

Obviously the talk of the town lately has been Francis NGanonnou… the Frenchman with the uppercuts from hell that KO’d Alistair Overeem in a really memorably horrible way.

As far as Las Vegas Odds are concerned, Ngannou is currently the favorite, making Stipe Mioicic Underdog.

Stipe seemed completely unfazed by the pressure, quoted at a recent workout:

“Whatever, I’m used to it.”

( … )

Honestly if I were in Stipe’s shoes and I personally had to fight Ngannou I would be terrified.

Miocic was quizzed about that slightly denigrating facet of the odds stacked against him as the champ and he responded as saying ” The money’s on him right now. The smart money will come at the end (of the fight).”

Stipe Miocic Underdog card underdog hasn’t happened since he claimed his belt by defeating Fabrizio Verdum in May 2016 to claim his belt.

Asked if he takes the betting odds as a slight against him as the champ, Miocic said, “No. The money’s on him right now. The smart money will come at the end (of the fight).”

Stipe has stayed the Vegas odds favorite in his two title defenses against Alistair Overeem in September 2017 and Junior Dos Santos in May 2017., has Ngannou-Miocic  stacked like this: Stipe Micocic Underdog numbers are at +130 ( if you bet $100 and won, you’d get $130 back.)  Ngannou was the -160 favorite, you bet 100 and get 60 back.


His Coaches think that it’s a little “disrespectful” but are confident in Miocic because they have been on a Stipe Miocic Underdog card before.

Ngannoue is  6-foot 4 inches tall,  weighing in at 250 pounds, and his nickname is “The Predator.” He KO’d Arlovski and Overeem in the first round.


So what is Stipe’s Plan, exactly?

“I think he’s going to sit back, and try to counter me,That’s what he does to everyone. (Ngannou and Overeem) were throwing bombs, and one landed. I’m not going to do what Overeem did. He put himself out on a limb.”

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