Tyron Woodley Still Welterweight Champ After Facing Wonderboy 2

Tyron Woodley Still Welterweight Champ

Tyron Woodley Still Welterweight Champ




The Chosen One” Tyron Woodley left the octagon with the welterweight belt still hanging off of his hips, a triumphant and definitive victory due to a majority decision at the UFC 209.

This bout was stylistically reminiscent of the last fight between the to fighers: Wonderboy with his characteristically bouncy and low-handed Karate Master Stance as he threw leg kicks Woodley’s way. Woodley looked like he was waiting for the big opening, not wanting to take damage but trying to get the explosive KO like when he put away Ruthless Robbie Lawler to claim the belt he still retains.



As the fighters felt each other out in the first and second rounds, you could tell that the spectators were displeased to see the fighters behaving more pensively than pugnaciously: audible boos were heard for the first 10 minutes.

A significant takedown occurred by Woodley in the third round when he rushed Thompson and scooped him up at the edge of the octagon.


While displaying excellent hand control, his shots to the body did little do deter Thompson and the Wonderboy struggled to his feet not long after.

As the fight drew closer to the 25 minute mark, you could tell that both fighters wanted to amp up the pace for fear of another stalemate . The most intense violence occurred in the last 30 seconds as The Chosen One unleashed a furious ground and pound on Wonderboy: Big John McCarthy was keenly observing Thompson’s condition to ensure that he was still able to defend himself.

Displaying his classic, dignified determinism Thompson was back up on his feet. To his misfortune there was no time left for him to get either the satisfaction of retaliation or the points necessary to win or tie the match. Tyron Woodley still welterweight champ walked out the of Octagon with the Title Belt still slung around his hips.


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