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Welcome to Mata Leao Combat Sports!

I would personally like to extend my appreciation to you for choosing our school.  I am excited to help you along the tremendous experience of discovering martial arts and to help you receive all the benefits Mata Leao Combat Sports has to offer.

Our martial arts school is a unique learning institution, where you are not just a student, but also part of a family of martial artists striving for excellence.  Each student here at our school is an important part of this learning community.  Your successes in class will further the successes of every other student.  Every other student’s successes will further your own success.

It is our goal at Mata Leao Combat Sports to share the good values of the martial arts; to help people reach high, yet attainable goals, and develop themselves as a whole person. Ultimately, we encourage everyone of our students to live the lifestyle of training hard, training consistent, being happy and staying healthy.

That being said, I hope that you are ready to dive deep into our world of knowledge, work hard and crush some goals.

“Its not just an art. It’s a way of life”

This Welcome Guide will serve as your guide to the academy of your future. The following pages hold the answers to many of your questions. Please take time to carefully read each section and bookmark this guide for future reference. If you have any questions after reading this guide, please see any of our staff. The purpose of this guide is to define guidelines for what you can expect from Mata Leao Combat Sports, and what is expected of you. 

Please take the time now to familiarize yourself with Mata Leao Combat Sport’s Mission, School Expectations and Rules and all other important information that everyone must know. 

Which Classes Should I Attend? 

The majority of new students enroll in our Beginner Friendly Fundamentals Program for the martial arts. A staff member should have helped you pick the classes that best fit your schedule.


If you are not used to physical exercise, the Fundamentals Program will be challenging at first but in time your body will become used to the training.


Before you know it, you will be ready for some of our higher-level advanced classes in our Combat Athlete Program. To ensure that you make consistent progress we ask that you attend your chosen classes on a regular basis. Please let us know should you ever need to change your section of classes and a staff member will be happy to assist you.


If you are enrolled into the WarriorFit program ONLY, Please come to the classes that you are originally assigned to. Please let your coaches know which classes you will be attending as it helps us to determine the type of workout and availability of slots for future students to attend. I am happy to say that we are rapidly increasing in numbers and unfortunately we will have to limit the amount of students that come to certain classes due to their popularity.

What Should I Expect From The Program? 

Over the next few months you will be exposed to time tested techniques and training methods unique to Mata-Leao Combat Sports. 

It is important to train as consistently as possible in order to effectively learn our proven effective striking/grappling system to progress through the different levels. Above all, it is important to have fun while training so we ask all of our students to check their egos at the door. Our learning environment is meant to be cooperative but at the same time competitive. 

Every single student is treated like family both in and outside the school. 


This is your Member Welcome Guide filled with all the information to help you succeed in your first stages of your martial arts journey here at Mata Leao. Click on this LINK to come back to reference any topics that you might need to study again.

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