5 Great Reasons For Starting Martial Arts After 30

5 Great Reasons For Starting Martial Arts After 30


Starting Martial Arts After 30

No Excuses : The Late, Great Helio Gracie and Family

Or: 7 reasons you can get out of your head, stop telling yourself that you’re too old, actually take your health seriously, invest in yourself and make David Goggins proud. 


Have you every been in that mood where you look in the mirror and you ask yourself, man, when did I get OLD?

Ay, we have all been there. It starts in different ways. Insecurities about aging can erode your self esteem and make you question whether or not ” you still got it”. This blog isn’t about that. It’s about changing that mentality for something that’s positive and life affirming. Let’s not be on the same type of stuff that we were on before. Instead, moving into 2020, let’s be our best selves and admit that we’re WARRIORS and we need to invest of that part of ourselves. Aight? Aight.


1)It Keeps You Young

Exercising while doing martial arts helps you to stay young by improving your flexibility, cardiovascular health, stamina, reaction time, blah blah blah and also your physical appearance. What, you’re not trying to get better bathroom selfies for those dating profiles?

2) It Adds An Element Of Challenge To Life

I don’t know about ya’ll, but I start to go CRAZY when I am playing life on easy mode. You mean to tell me that 200k years of human evolution alone, our ancestors having to fight off Short Faced Bears and Wooly Mammoths and now all of a sudden we’re just gonna eat Dominos and stay in our comfort zone? Nah, I’ll pass. Pass me my muay thai gloves boys we’re going to spar in the driveway tonight.

3) It enables you to defend yourself

omg that drunk guy at the bar is talking bad about my girlfriend and is now aggressively posturing. Welp, time to leave probably …..but if I can’t get out of this one he’s gonna get acquainted with this smelly floor. Remember, elbows and ankle picks are always an option. What would T-Ferg do?


4) It will help you be a better person

Man oh man, those aforementioned benefits are great and all don’t get me wrong, but let’s talk about the LIFE and XP GAINZ. It’s not all about the smesh. It can be about spiritual and emotional health too. Let’s just say that if he/she IS real, God isn’t gonna frown when you hit the berimbolo  #bologang

5) It helps you to get closer with your family and expand your social circle

Whenever you invest in yourself, it gets you in closer alignment with who you are supposed to be and your best self. We can’t help but lift others up when we start making smarter decisions for our health and take time to be better. Also, many a great friendship has been made on the mats. So what do you say? Ready to give it a try?



The good news is; you can start investing in yourself today with no risk or obligation. Got 2020 goals? Let’s go boys. FULL SEND FTW 


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