Beginner Kickboxing Classes Portland

Beginner Kickboxing Classes Portland Great Tips for 2020



Was it the lingering feelings of ” I really need to get back into shape” as you ate #holidayfood like fondue or bon bons with annoying family members? Or was it a Jean Claude Van Damme Marathon that came on TNT that made u want to get into kickboxing this year?

Either Way, this blog with get you stoked to get back into shape with one of the BEST exercises that you could possibly do for yourself : Muay Thai Kickboxing ! Beginner Kickboxing Classes Portland


1) Start Jogging On Your Off-days

One of the most difficult things about Muay Thai is having the endurance to get through class with the same enthusiasm and vigor as you did when you first started. That’s okay, you know they call this “getting back into shape”, right? 😏  


2) Make a schedule, and stick to it!


One of the things that is really difficult for people to do is make a realistic schedule for themselves. Our advice is to start slow and basically show up to a handful of classes a week and get that under your belt and adjust to that before you start going 4-5 times a week. That way you don’t burn out and you actually get better over time!


3) Don’t just go hard, focus on actually learning the techniques

These techniques that you are learning are guaranteed to be fire. They are deceptively simple and require your fullest attention. Once you start learning how to properly apply technique and feeling it out, then start to experiment with power!


4) Think. About. Your. Pad. Holder.


I don’t know about you guys, but it’s super scary holding pads for someone who doesn’t know exactly what they’re doing but they are going super hard!


5) Bring a Water Bottle and Flip Flops (slides) to class


Beginner Kickboxing Classes Portland : Fam, bring a big water bottle. It’s a lifesaver. Also, don’t go to the bathroom with bare feet. Gross! Use flip flops for sure lmao



6) Get a pair of hand-wraps


Invest in a good pair of hand-wraps and also wash them every-time before class or they will smell really bad! This ties into hygiene, come correct with trimmed nails and smellin’ #fresh


If you are in the portland area and want to get started or continue your Muay Thai Kickboxing training, come check us out for a FREE trial at:


Beginner Kickboxing Classes Portland




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