MMA Fights Portland: Shhhh…

MMA Fights Portland: Don’t Say It!


Local MMA Portland:



MMA Fights Portland : Usually Kickboxers, Boxers, and MMA bros are a stoic but friendly type. They are upbeat, enthusiastic, and intense. Usually your fighting coach will have the patience and emotional bandwidth to show you why your low-kick resembles more Ninja Turtles than Israel Adesanya. They might even make a joke about how Chael Sonnen calls it “Moo-ey Thai”; something that makes it obvious that West Linn IS very much a strange place to be raised in. Or they might, and I mean, they probably will make a joke about Joey Diaz or Joe Rogan.






“Hey dude, I know that you are going to fight in 4 days but can I get tickets.”


MAN oh MAN. This is why this is such a bad thing to ask. Literally you should have asked earlier, and the fighter has everything on their mind EXCEPT your tickets. They got so much stress you wouldn’t believe. So, be a good bro and get your own tickets. Oh, poor bby you don’t know how? GOOGLE IT FAM AND BET IT WILL BE THERE.


hEy bRo, aRe yOu rEaDy fOr yOuR fIgHt?!

So let me explain, yes, we are basically about as ready as we possibly can be. We don’t know what’s going to happen, we know that there’s a chance that we could lose although we are determined to win. Yes bro, we’re ready.


“So, lemme give you advice, you should totally”


Literally unless you are a part of that training camp, don’t give a fighter advice on fight week unless you are a fighter with credo and they solicit that. If you’re a bro with some good intel or input that is super helpful, then let’s go. But if you’re just some bro-science maniac with a beer gut and an ONNIT addiction and a Gorilla Kettle-Bell, then kindly take that advice and apply it in your own awesome hypothetical fight that only exists in your extended shower thoughts.


wHy aRe yOu dOiNg tHiS LmAo ?!

This one is possibly the worst. I don’t know why I do this, maybe because I want to fight you rn.


Oh man, weight cut huh? Sucks that you can’t eat burritos and burgerville!

Fam are you trying to get rocked with a spinning back fist right now? I have dreams about eating pizza and you’re seriously talking food right now.



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