NW Fighting MMA Portland : Tips on Overcoming Obstacles to Training

NW Fighting MMA Portland : Tips on Overcoming Obstacles to Training and Setting Goals


NW Fighting MMA Portland


Guys there has never been a more difficult or a more easy time to come to class. Something that Professor Omar said that really stuck with me was ” I remember when I was coming up all we had was a blue belt just teaching us basic Gracie Jiu Jitsu… “

How lucky are we that we have access to true Black Belt Instruction at Mata Leao Combat Sports?

This blog is about putting some context on why it’s very important to show up on those days when the LAST thing that we wanna do is strap on gloves or a Gi.

Growth is a long term game, and the crappy days are more important. 

-Georges “Rush” St. Pierre


I'm gonna be all the way honest, it's not gonna be easy to show up to practice some days.

 But I guarantee you that it's gonna be harder in your MIND anticipating doing it than it is actually is in real life.

 So, what are some life hacks on how to make going to practice better? 

 According to David Goggins, some days it's about tricking yourself into giving in to mediocrity. Hol' up friend, it's not what it sounds like! 

We all know what it's like to give into that "ah &^%$ it" voice when we settle for Netflix and Ice Cream and any other form of undeserved indulgence. 

What if the days that we LEAST want to go to class after a long day at work, we say to ourselves "Ok, well I'll just pack my Gi and water bottle and make it easier on myself."

 " Oh, it's just one hour and it will be way easier than I actually think"

This is the type of thinking that we need in order to show up to class sometimes. It's the days that we LEAST want to go that we are eligible for the most growth. 

Identify that resistance and unless you're sick or injured or are overtraining, then stick to your training schedule #noexcuses. 

I mean, after all, you are paying for the training and originally when you made the agreement, you had a fire and a spark inside of you.

That spark didn't go anywhere. It's still inside of you and that discomfort you feel isn't resisting training... 

It's that spark desiring some air and some more fuel to take your life to the next level.


We all crave growth in our lives. We are all looking to overcome those fears and obstacles in our lives that hold us back from being the best and happiest versions of ourselves. For some, Martial Arts is the magic bullet, a catalyst for true personal growth and taking their lives to the next level. If you feel that calling, or are interesting in getting started, let us know. At Mata Leao we are all about growth, courage, and killing goals! 


If you live in the area and would like to train with and be part of a great and awesome NW Fighting MMA Portland tribe, come check us out and try our FREE trial offer that we have going on. You can sign up for a the trial here: www.mataleaocs.com


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